Choosing the Right Wedding Veil

Your wedding veil is one of the most important aspects in your overall bridal appearance after the wedding gown. It was originally worn in order to protect the bride from what was believed to be evil spirits. Today, the veil is considered simply as a beautiful form of decoration.  If you are a future bride, you can choose the type of veil that you desire while keeping in mind that the veil is only one part of your overall look and is an accessory. Therefore, it is important for you to consider how the veil will go with your gown, the shape of your face, your body shape, your wedding hairstyle, and also the location of your wedding.

The very first thing to consider is your wedding gown because your wedding gown and your wedding veil will obviously be worn together. Select a veil that will complement your gown. To do this, you should assess your gown and find the focal points that occur on it. Make sure that the veil will not cover the details of the gown that you are looking to show off. For example, if the gown has a back detail that you want to show, go for a short veil or one that is sheer.

Next, you have to pay attention to how decorated your gown is and also its style. You can go with a more elaborate wedding veil if your gown is quite simple. Oppositely, if your gown is already full with detail, then you should go with a simple veil. This is the best form of combination as having both a detailed gown and an elaborate veil is only accommodated by really formal weddings such as the royal weddings.

After you have a better idea on what style of wedding veil will go best with your gown, it is time to think about the wedding veil lengths that you want to wear. There are so many different lengths of veils and it might get confusing to choose one if you do not understand well the difference in usage of each.

If your wedding gown has a detail on the high neck, you would want to go with veils that are very short. Its length usually does not go beyond the chin. Dresses with lower back, waist, or bust details go well with veils that are about 50.8 cm in length and considered as shoulder length. Veils that fall around the elbow work excellently with gowns that are in the romantic ball style. Slightly longer than the elbow veil, veils that are waist length suits most styles of gowns as long as they do not have a train as their feature. You can also go with very long veils if you prefer to and if it goes along with your gown. A long wedding veil is most suited towards a formal wedding and a gown that is classic.

Think about the location of your wedding carefully when deciding the length of your wedding veil. It may not be the wisest choice to go with a long veil if you are getting married outdoors. Dirt, wind, and sand may interfere with your choice. The climate also plays a role because you would not want to be wearing layers in a hot weather.

Should you find difficulties in finding a wedding veil that meets all of the requirements that you have set, make wedding veil instead in order to have a veil that is customized to your personal needs. You will be able to choose the length, width, color, number of tiers, and edging of your desired veil.

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