wedding table numbers template

As we all know, table centerpieces and flower arrangements are not the only elements made for the wedding table decoration. Do not forget the wedding table numbers that can complement the decoration while making it easier for your wedding guests to find the table where they are seated on. Even better, you can also make the DIY table numbers, referring to these adorably creative wedding table numbers ideas we have collected for you. Starting from wedding table numbers holders to wedding table numbers with photos, check these ideas! Simple, easy, and highly reusable is these wedding table numbers made by using heart-shaped chalkboard. You don’t have to buy a large chalkboard and create smaller heart-shaped pieces since simple wooden pallets in heart shape and chalkboard paint surely is the much more practical solution. However, if you find the heart-shaped chalkboard is too fussy for you, what about the simple framed chalkboard table numbers? Even if you go for frameless ones, they still look unique anyway! When you plan to have a vintage wedding, the use of glass mason jars are absolutely a must for your decoration. Aside from the lovely look, mason jars also have many possibilities for the use as well. This goes the same for DIY wedding table numbers. When you use mason jars for wedding table decoration, you can double it as table number holder as well as flower vase easily. For the numbers, you can use burlap tag table numbers tied with hemp rope. Painting the table number on the glass jar also sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Do you know that glamour and lavish table decoration does not always have to be expensive? As long as you know how to do the decorations creatively, well, take a look at one of amazing wedding table numbers here! This DIY glitter table numbers for wedding is simply created from wood covered with glittery gold sparkles that can complement the totally luxurious look. To make the appearance even more astonishing, the numbers are glued to the matching golden painted base. And yes, you don’t have to splurge for this DIY table number idea, right? We have seen the use of glass mason jars for your wedding table decoration as well as number. Well, similar to the mason jar wedding table numbers, try another unique table number idea you can choose to make your wedding decoration simply more adorable! This DIY rustic table number idea even can works greatly as table centerpiece! Created by painting the numbers on square wooden pallets, each pallet is tied to spray-painted bottles adorned with dried flowers and hemp rope. Well, you may not need to look further than your kitchen cabinets or barn to find old glass bottles if you happen to still keep many of them! Who would have guessed the old tin cans can become a great choice of material for wedding table numbers? Well, when you step inside the DIY world, everything is possible! Take a look at this DIY tin can wedding table number idea as your reference. Simply drilling the can to create small holes forming every number necessary, attach colored paper inside the tin can. You can improve the appearance of your tin can table numbers by spray-painting them in any colors you like, although we suggest you to use different one from color used for the paper attached inside. Mostly, you find pictures can describe much better than words—and the same applies for your wedding decoration! What about using photos for the wedding table numbers? Whether it is the old photos of you and your spouse or your pre-wedding photos, pick anything you find matching your wedding theme perfectly!

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