Important Things about Wedding Cupcakes You Must Know Beforehand

Today, wedding cakes are not the only options available when you have to serve your guests with something deliciously sweet. For alternative cake option with more offbeat vibe, there are wedding cupcakes that will be really interesting for you, especially looking at those wedding cupcakes ideas showing how colorful and adorably beautiful they can be. However, before you even decide to choose cupcakes over traditional cakes, there are some things you have to know. This way, you can be sure if serving cupcakes for your wedding, instead of the traditional bridal cake, is the right decision or not. Here they are.

There are many reasons why wedding cupcakes get more and more popular. One of them is the huge flavor possibilities. Unlike traditional cake that usually sticks with only one flavor, cupcakes allow you to explore even four, five, or more flavor options to serve. This way, you can be sure that everyone can get any flavor they like, and it’s a major plus for a fun wedding your guests can enjoy too. Another reason is how DIY wedding cupcakes ideas are highly possible. For your DIY wedding, you can even make the cupcake making time as another family time.

One of the biggest constraints about wedding cakes is how expensive they are generally. Luckily, wedding cupcakes do not provide only more exciting and unique alternative for sweet treats in your nuptial. The wedding cupcakes cost is also normally much, much cheaper than traditional wedding cake. Well, don’t forget about the homemade cupcakes we have mentioned before too, which can be a great way to help you saving more money for your wedding.

However, there are also some important drawbacks about wedding cupcakes you have to know too. For example, serving cupcakes for wedding means eliminates the traditional cake cutting ritual which is also renowned for being one of must-snap moments in any wedding. Even so, you may want to consider ordering a “cutting cake” so you can still manage to have a picture of you and your groom performing this tradition. A cutting cake is usually decorated to match the cupcakes and displayed on the top place when you use a multi-tier cupcake stand. However, remember that adding cutting cake also means adding extra expense on top of the cupcake costs. Besides, since a cutting cake is not to be served to guests, there is a chance of it going to waste.

Apart from that, with traditional wedding cakes can be decorated to look truly glamorous and elegant, decorating cupcakes can be an issue to concern. By replacing the traditional bridal cakes, there is a pretty big hole to fill by your wedding cupcakes. In the end, decorating cupcakes are not like decorating cakes itself. With much, much smaller size, cupcakes may offer only limited decorating possibilities you can explore, thus making simple decoration is the most likely possible.

All in all, the choice between wedding cupcakes and traditional wedding cake is all yours to make. Generally speaking, cupcakes are the safe bet if you are on a budget—you can always have a cutting cake anyway if you want. However, you may miss the chance to explore more affordable cake possibilities that are as glamorous as your dream cake.

Think about the numbers of wedding guests you will have, the kind of tradition to go through at the reception, and consider each other as well as your guests. The wedding cupcakes may not be suitable if your family (and likely your guests) insist the more traditional and conventional way. Generally speaking, the possibilities are endless, so take your time to decide.

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