Wedding planners or also called as wedding organizer is a company or person that has a duty to plan and organize everything about the wedding to be successful and sure great and wonderful. The couple usually will just let the planner or organizer do their job for everything after the couple have paid based on […]

If you are someone who loves to have details in every occasion, you can have your own choice for the details. In your wedding day, one of the details that you can change is wedding bells. That would be also nice to have special design for the lovely wedding bells. That is one of the […]

In your wedding day, you will need lots of things such as wedding flowers. That would be very important thing that you can’t forget because you will need it everywhere. You will need thousand wedding flowers for your special day. The flowers will make your wedding decoration more complete. You can choose some flowers that […]

Most of women want to have new wedding dresses for their wedding. However, some of them choose second wedding dresses. You can just ask your family or your mother about the second wedding which you can wear. That is very easy to wear second wedding dresses design in your wedding. You can save your money […]