One of the most important parts of a wedding is when you present the wedding cake in front of the guests including your family and friends. This can be a really beautiful moment of a wedding. It means you need to choose the wedding cake rightly. Both the design and decoration of the wedding is […]

A wedding can be festive and formal with the presence of wedding cake. And a wedding cake will be complete when you also pick your favorite wedding cake toppers. The toppers are just like the symbol of your happiness because of the wedding. They also describe the character or personality as well. Usually, the toppers […]

One of the most crucial wedding ideas is selecting the right wedding themes. Theme is more than just about decoration. It is about how your wedding will be remembered for everyone especially for you and the partner. And when you try the most unique themes, your guests will also remember and even get amazed. And […]

It is always important to jazz up the wedding reception. With many ideas and inspirations for wedding receptions, you may end up with the overwhelming references you can use to make your big day simply memorable and fun. Well, you do not have to worry at all. We have some super solid wedding receptions ideas […]