Prettify the Table through Wedding Napkins!

The use of wedding napkins on the surface of your wedding reception table are not merely the stuffs to wipe and clean the mouth after drinking or eating but also decorative pieces that will prettify the table. Bring the simple detailing like this will be the sign how creative you are in preparing all the things for this big occasion. Thanks for the easy to shape yet affordable prices of napkins, so that you can easily style the table without compromising about the cost. This post shares some wedding napkins folding ideas, hope it inspires you!

Several Wedding Napkins Folding Ideas to Try

For anyone of you who have colorful napkins collections, perhaps it will be the time for you to display them up! Collect the colorful napkins and start shaping simple rectangle napkins folding. Having done, you need to continue with setting these wedding napkins at the platters and give them finishing touch with ribbons, twine, or button. The colorful napkins will make a visual interest there. Just bear in mind that having too bright napkin color is a big no since they will dominate the look of your table. Also, always mix and match between the themes of the wedding with the color used by the napkins.

If the first idea is too simple, then the next DIY wedding napkins decoration will be prettier. Right at the centre of the rectangle folded napkins, insert one or two sprig of scented herb or if possible, lavender and rosemary. The coming of these flowers will become a nice, sweet accent to the plain napkin itself. Even, you will also get the bonus as the attached flowers will vibe a lovely, natural fragrance toward the room. Add also ribbon that will tie the greeneries into the wedding napkins.

Once you are getting bored to see all rectangular napkins sitting beautifully at the top of the table, keep noted that you can have other folding ideas like rolling style. This super easy folding style will prettify the look of the platters instantly. For the final touch, you might add place cards and also a fresh flower right at the centre of rolled wedding napkins. However, since the napkins are rolled in, make sure that the fabric is a bit hard so that it is able to maintain the rolled shape by the time.

Do you want to give the entire coming guess with wedding favors? Then, why not place them at the napkins too! The favor should come in box and create a wrapped box wedding napkins style. Make the folding in easy, simple way so that the guesses are able to open it easily. Add also the place cards right at the front parts of the napkins. This way, the guess will not only use the napkins but are also asked to open his or her own surprise from the married couple.

For you who want to set plain look napkins at the wedding reception table, we suggest you to try the next idea with the use of ribbon tie. Shape the plain looking wedding napkins into a flat, rectangular shape and add a cut of the similar fabric into the centre part so that it creates a ribbon shape. Mix and match between the color of the napkins with the main hues used at the wedding as well as at the platters. These napkins are believable to decorate the look of the table.

In short, wedding napkins are not only cheap pieces but also effective stuffs that will complete the centerpiece of your wedding reception table. Besides those above ideas, you also can serve other ideas such as giving monogram letters right at the edge part of the napkins so that it looks so you two! With the limitless creative wedding napkins ideas above, have you decided on what napkin folding style to go with? Share with us!

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