Reason Why You Must Choose Wedding Shoes Flats

No matter how love you are with your stiletto collections, right at the wedding day, you might want to wear wedding shoe flats. Your wedding reception will be filled with so many activities such as dancing, walking through the aisle, entertaining at the guest, and all other activities that will be a bit hazardous if you are still stubborn in wearing a pair of killer shoe, high heels. That’s why, for this post, the writer tries to share some reasons why you should wear flat bridal shoes in your wedding day.

5 Benefits of Wearing Wedding Shoe Flat

When you are wearing your flat shoes, you will be thankful for this wise decision as you won’t feel hurt during the reception. As we all know that bride is the busiest person who should entertain all guest, no matter what the condition is. By wearing somewhat high heels, your feet are going to be sad since it will stress the muscle there. Wearing your wedding shoe flats on the other hand, will make the feet feel so comfortable which is why you will be cheerful all the day long. Yes, with flat shoe, there will be no drama of being hurt!

A pair of beautiful wedding shoe flats will be a safe option that will minimize the tripping risk. In your wedding, you will visit all the guests as well as will dance and also do other activities that might bring you in taking somewhat missteps. If you are wearing your 12 cm high heels, the risk of getting fall will be higher than wearing the comfortable flat wedding sandals, for instance. So, it will be your savior during the big day since falling is a nightmare of every bride.

For anyone of you, whose grooms are as tall as the brides, think about the look! Wearing high heel footwear is nothing but so damn sexy. However, it is also adding the height of the wearers. When your couple is taller than you, it will be fine. But, think twice in wearing wedding shoe flats if he is nearly the same tall or even shorter than you. For this big day, perhaps you both want to look perfect through the use of perfect height ratio which is your couple is taller and you are shorter. You know, only flat can make it.

Having wedding shoe flats means that you will make a good investment for your closet. Flat is everyday use footwear that will match well to any occasion, from casual to formal one. While a pair of bling stiletto will need the perfect situation as well as the perfect mood to be worn. The stilettos will be just saved in your closet without being used anymore. Isn’t it useless, bride? Wedding shoe high heels are only for those who like wearing the pain killer shoes, not you!

Last, flat shoe come in various designs that will make you confused in choosing the best one. From the simple nude crochet ballet pumps up to bling sandals and also converse, those fantastic shoes are going to prettify the look of you. Just be ready to mix and match between the theme of the dress and hand bouquets to have a matching wedding shoe flats. They are also affordable options that will not take up much budget too.

Overall, though flat shoe are casual looking, once you wear floor length dress, the footwear will be invisible, won’t it? It means all brides are expecting to wear something comfortable to their feet since they will be busy all the day long. After knowing all those reasons of wedding shoe flats, now what about you? Agree to wear the flat? Let us know!

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