wedding reception table decorations ideas

There are many tips and tricks you can throw to maximize the wedding table decorations. With many wedding table decorations ideas you can explore, the chance is you may end up in confusion since you really have no idea which one to use as your reference. The wedding table decorations candles surely can add romantic feel to the atmosphere, but wedding table decorations DIY are also great to create uniquely adorable look. As for today, we will share some tips to decorate your wedding table depending on table arrangements. For banquet wedding table decorations, it is important to eliminate the long and narrow look. It can be performed by adding height by throwing the right decorations for more dimensions. However, make sure you don’t stick with only one type of wedding table decorations. For example, alternate between candlesticks and ceramic flower vases. You can also break up the long and narrow tables by considering the space to create a balance. For instance, oversized windows will be a great element to balance out the long tables. When you choose the dinnerware, do not settle only on round and standard plates. Even though you may not want to accentuate the length of the table, it is never a bad idea to play up with shapes of the dinnerware for your wedding table decorations, including making a subtle point by adding sharp sides. With a lot of space to fill, you shouldn’t be backed off, though. The trick is to remember that you shouldn’t need to cover every inch. Instead, use accent hues in strategic spots such as chair cushions or use lining in the middle of table with tall candlesticks. On the other hand, for your round wedding table decorations, we highly recommend you to do arrangement by working a trio. It is indeed easier to do one arrangement, but going more creative by working a trio doesn’t sound like a bad idea anyway. You can do this by grouping arrangements of similar sizes and colors in the middle. And don’t forget to add accent color—after all, too much white can be… boring (ouch!). Metallic or pop of color will never be a bad choice to make! Your round wedding tables will be very grateful the moment you decide to throw some other shapes. Introduce a square or rectangle on top of wedding plates. This way, you can thus keep your round wedding table decorations from being too monotone and dull. And don’t hesitate to throw bright colors as well as some texture to your round table decorations. Floral, damask, or stripes in eggshell or crisp ivory will be a great choice to adorn your round wedding tables. Last but not least, for your square wedding table decorations, we highly recommend you to add connections as a square can be severe to deal. For example, match the wicker chargers and mahogany chairs; orange paper lanterns and table linens; and bright-pink napkins with anemones for the centerpieces. And even though squares are solid, it doesn’t mean they don’t require symmetry. You can do this simply by placing an even number of chairs on all table sides. Just like how round table decorations require some angularities, the square wedding table decorations also need round accents to prevent the too edgy impression. Well, it’s not a difficult task to do anyway—what about hanging circular lighting over table or place chargers and votives on tables? And do throw a hint of color to cheer up the table, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Make sure the hue coordinates with the rest of the palette perfectly!

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