Wedding Guest Book in Unique Designs for Surprising Your Guests

Wedding celebration is always complicated. There are many things that include to the preparation of the wedding. There are also many things should be prepared and sometimes they are forgotten. Most people really concern in the choice of the wedding dress, suit, wedding theme, food, and venue. Those are the main thing that should be prepared first and the main considerations. But actually there are many things that sometimes did not get attention. What are they? Take for example, wedding invitation, wedding gifts, and also wedding guest book. They are sometimes out of your attention.

Well, for today we are going to talk about the wedding guest book, the element of wedding celebration that sometimes forgotten. What are you expecting from your guest book? For your information, there are many designs of guest book for your wedding that can be inspiring for you. Guest book also come in wedding guest book sets. Here we have ideas of guest book for you who want to make your wedding celebration becoming different and memorable. Here are the ideas special for you.

Unique Wedding Guest Book for Unique Wedding Celebration

Wedding guest book, like what have been mentioned before, comes in various designs. The wedding guest book ideas can be elegant with formal look and it can also be unique guest book with rustic design or vintage. You can also personalized the guest book to make it special and show that you are really concern with this little thing. Unique books are also various in designs.

The most common wedding guest book is the one in white color or other bright colors like pink, green, gold, brown, and also ivory color that look elegant. Then they are combined with ribbon or flower and also lace for adding the beauty of the book. Besides that, they can be added by accessories. Those are so yesterday design. Now, you can have guest book with different covers. The cover can be looked like a gift wrap which are completed with ribbon. You can also find cheetah on your guest book cover. It will surprise your guests.

Those are the ideas of wedding guest book that are still common. Here we also have ultimate unique guest book. What are they? Well, have you ever thought to have guest book in the other form? Have you ever thought that the guest book is in the form of shell? Well, if you want something different, you can prepare shells, marker in gold-leaf form, and also glass bowl. Let your guest to sign on the shells and then after that, put them in the bowl.

What are the other ideas of wedding guest book? Well, have you ever thought about smooth rock? In fact, you can use smooth rock as your guest book. You can ask your guests to sign on the rocks with oil markers. The other choice is using metallic pens to give shining look of the sign. Then, the rocks can be placed in glass cylinder. They can be your home accessories later. Don’t you think that it is great idea? You can also begin to think to buy bisque platter which can be found in pottery shop. The platter can be signed by special marker. You can use it for your wall decoration after the wedding celebration and remember your special moment which is completed with all friends’ participation.

There are still many ideas of wedding guest book that can be used. You can even have canvas art as your guest book then it can be your wall decoration ideas. Here you can see that guest book is not always about book. You can even use anything unique around you. Even, you can use them as the room decoration ideas later.

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