Instant Background Check For Employment - Is Intelius Better Than Instant Checkmate?

You can find a person's history by name, gender, location, arrest records, and more with an instant background check. Unlike public records, which are often only available by name, background check sites allow you to search for criminal history and other details at the state and federal levels. You can even sign up for mention alerts to be notified when someone mentions a certain name or address. There are many benefits to using an online background check service, and it is free to use.

Although many background check services charge for access, they are free for new users. You can only get one free background check result - a basic report - before paying for a full report. Search by name, email address, phone number, and home address. There are also filters available for more detailed information. While you may not need a full report right away, knowing who's out there will make your life easier down the road.

The customer support team of Intelius has been praised by users for their responsiveness. They respond to messages quickly, even at odd hours. While their system doesn't use paywalls, you can get basic information about a person. This includes criminal records. If you're wondering what they might be hiding, the company's customer care team will help you find that information. Just make sure to use an instant background check service before entrusting someone with your precious information.

Another popular background check service is Instant Checkmate. Thousands of Americans use Instant Checkmate to search for people and reconnect with old friends. It's not free, but you can try it out for a limited time for $1. This service also allows you to access a 5-day trial of their service, which is beneficial for those looking for more information about a potential employee. And because Instant Checkmate offers a full report, there is no need to print or file manual reports for this service. The company prides itself on customer privacy and has a positive user experience.

Another benefit of an instant background check is its speed. It can take just minutes to run a search. Meanwhile, a normal background check can take anywhere from three to seven days. Some background checks can take longer, though, especially when it involves intelligence agencies. If you have concerns about a potential employee, you may want to ask them to prove their background by doing a background check. The information you obtain through an instant background check may be vital to your business or personal life.

The information provided by an instant background check service will include marriage and divorce records. Any criminal records will be flagged, and you can also check email addresses and phone numbers. Often, these services will even include their address history, including previous addresses and phone numbers. Some background check services offer additional features, including the ability to search a person's motor vehicle's VIN number, which provides you with a complete history. A good background check service will also let you run a search on someone's employment history.